BSOMP Slide Seminar at IAOP 2021

Cases for the BSOMP Slide Seminar on 'Sinonasal Pathology' at the IAOP, BSOMP and SFOPOM 2021 Joint Online meeting. Please provide responses/diagnosis in the boxes for each case. Click on FULLSCREEN BUTTON to see the whole slide image. When the new window opens, please click on GUEST LOGIN button to access the slide image.

Case 1

67 year old Female. Three year history of enlarging, non-tender swelling right side of nose with deteriorating nasal obstruction. Overlying skin discoloured purple. Nasoendoscopy and CT showed soft tissue swelling right nasal alar area without underlying bone destruction

Case 2

67 year old Male. Bone marrow transplant following long history of CLL. Developed GVHD and then multiple cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas, followed by deep ulcerated non-malignant skin lesions. Multiple biopsies showed necrosis, reported as panniculitis. Vasculitis suspected, but serology negative. Developed nasal obstruction with gelatinous mucoid material in the nasal passages, bilateral nasal and maxillary sinus opacity. Mucoid material from left nostril sampled. No history of foreign travel.

Case 3

24 year old male. Left ethmoid mucocoele and left sided proptosis. CT/MRI showed expansile destructive mass 54mm x 21mm x 27mm centred on left anterior ethmoid region extending into left orbit, maxillary sinus and anterior cranial fossa.

Case 4

23 year old ethmoid sinus mass. Immunos: Strong diffuse positivity: TTF1 AE1/AE3 very focal , mostly negative, Synaptophysin focal. Negative: p63, p40, S100, CD99, CK7, Desmin, Calretinin, NSE, CD56, Chromogranin, CD45, TDT, BCL2, meyolperoxidase, CD99

Case 5

31 year old male. Large tumour bridge of nose ? skin primary or other

Case 6

28 year old female with nasal stuffiness and discharge.

Case 7

72 year old man with nasal obstruction, nosebleeds, and pain.

Case 8

21 year old man with nasal obstruction, nosebleeds, and pain.